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When & Where We Fish

I always try to put you where the fish are. Time of the year and time of the day is important for some species. Most trips are scheduled early mornings, predawn into the light and pre sunset into the dark, with some scheduled in the middle of the night, These prime times no matter what the tides. As tides play a big part in when fishing, I try to work areas that produce best on that particular stage of the tide, whether it be incoming or outgoing.

I concentrate my fishing efforts the back bay bays, Ocean inlet areas and beachfront structures. The back bay, sounds, sod banks, flats and bridge areas provide for great action in calm water. Along the inlet jetties and beach front, again all species of fish can be found along the particular structures in each area. Here sea and wind conditions are more of a determining factor. Fishing safely is most important and there are some days when conditions will not allow for certain areas to be fished.

For more information on fishing visit Fishing Guide By Month

Artificial Lures

Casting lures, buck-tails, rubber baits and jigs on light tackle and catching fish is equally exciting. One of the most exciting and visual ways of catching stripers and bluefish is using a top water popping plug. Here you pop a surface popper and you get to see the fish attack the lure as it comes up and blasts the plug. There are many types of lures and methods for catching using artificial lures and conditions where certain methods work best. I am always prepared for whatever is needed.


The old traditional standby. Bait always works. If fly casting or throwing lures is not for you, bait is a sure fire way to catch fish and there are many methods that work, depending on the species of fish you would like to catch.

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