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Species Targeted

The primary targeted species are STRIPED BASS, BLUE FISH, WEAKFISH, SEA HERRING, FLUKE, with other species caught too.

Striped Bass

The boat goes in the water the early part of April at which time the fishing action starts in the Cape May area. The first fish to start are striped bass. They are my number one targeted species through out the year. Early season action is usually on bait but by the end of April bass can be taken on flies and lures. Striper action will continue all summer until the end of December or until the bay starts to freeze. Since most trips are scheduled around prime time, early morning predawn or evening prior to sunset, stripers are available all season long. Most stripers caught are schoolies size and provide excellent sport on light tackle and fly rods, but many large bass are taken during the summer months making for exciting fishing the whole season.


By the end of April, the bluefish have invaded and stay around all summer until the cold weather late in the season sends them migrating south. Most of the bluefish are good eating size with bigger fish always roaming around ready to chew up tackle and provide a nice fight.

Weakfish and Sea Herring

Early May, weakfish and hickory shad usually show up around the same time. Tide Runner weakfish, (ones over 5 lbs are a highly prized catch. The best shot at larger weakies goes to about mid June, thereafter the small weakfish invade our waters providing lots of fun, but not the largest size. Weakfish throughout the season can be caught on bait, flies and lures. 15 to 17 inch sea herring are especially fun for the fly fisherman, as they are around in good numbers, do some jumping, put up a good fight, and provide great action while fishing for stripers and weakfish. They also hit many of the same flies used for the other species.

Fluke and Croakers

Fluke come into our waters in April, but the season doesn't start until late May. In June, the croakers start being caught. Both fluke and croakers provide action on bait, artificial lures and flies. They are great tasting and provide great sport on light tackle.

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